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Warsaw Village Band

“NORD” is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples. Music comprises the already familiar characteristics: harsh but dignified, cold and rough, deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth. It has its roots in the cultural relationships of the Northern countries. The Vikings invaded Polish lands in the Middle Ages and had considerable influence on the Polish state. During the Polish - Swedish wars of the 17th century, along with other spoils, Sweden also imported the Polish dance Kujawiak, which to this day, is known in Sweden by the name Polska. All of these diverse but related musical influences meet for the first time ever in the idea of “NORD” album.

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