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“RICARICARE” (Italian for “recharge”) is the debut album of the exceptional artist KATIKA. Grown up in the Italian region of Abruzzo, life’s journey led her across various locations in Europe to Vienna, where she lives and works today.

Shaped by personal history, her multi-cultural past is reflected in her art, so it is not surprising that her lyrical voice likes to join in with gentle Bossa Nova rhythms, chanson-like guitar accompaniment or folkloristic as well as modern instruments. However, the starting point of her work is the singing based on the Italian “chitarra”.

“I’m thinking and feeling in my native language, which is Italian. I want to put my audience into vibration, ’cause I strongly believe in energies and their connecting element, which brings us closer together, although we’re strangers to one another,” the artist describes her approach.

“The sea with its vigorous tranquility is one of the main sources of my inspiration, but the city and its people as well, for these two contrasts are pushing me to be creative, too.” This is how the artist’s fleet-footed, albeit melancholic, sense of life is revealed to the listener. With her soft, but highly passionate vocals, KATIKA knows how to offer insight into her conceptual imagery like almost no other. The very same imagery is found in the optical appearance of her works as well as in the visual realisation of her live performances. “To make these images tangible is a wonderful challenge,” so the singer says. The album was recorded, arranged and produced by Wolfgang Frisch, a member of the band “Sofa Surfers”, who also applied himself as coauthor.

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